Walk-in Cooler & Freezer



    The new focus for sales in your store, the MALTA will capture your customers’ attention and increase your ice-cream sales through its visual merchandising concept. This excellent all-rounder sets new standards. AHT efficiency and Plug&Chill included.


Sell more and save more

With its harmonious design and attractive yet practical rounded glass lid section, the MALTA chest freezer is an experienced seller that knows what customers want to see and buy. Supported by its brilliant LED internal lighting, MALTA will push your sales figures up and put supermarkets and discounters one step ahead – including through savings on the expenditure side.

Efficiency which achieves profitability

Only supermarkets with energy-efficient refrigerators can survive the competition in the medium term. The star-seller MALTA not only offers an attractive exterior, but thanks to its optimised technology as a result of many years’ AHT expertise, it also offers the lowest ongoing costs, with an impressive total cost of ownership balance. The additional 25% energy saving, by way of the new electronic speed-controlled compressor, is just one example of this.