Walk-in Cooler & Freezer

S150 R290 : 327 Litre

    Rio H & Rio S

    Designed to sell more ice cream by being visually appealing. Two different models – slanted with curved glass sliding lids and horizontal with flat glass sliding lids or solid lids permit perfect merchandise presentation and an excellent visibility. Choose the most suitable freezer for your needs with various options!


Product presentation at the highest level

Customers shop with their eyes. This means that ice-cream chests have to exhibit visual appeal, which will attract customers and prompt them to make spontaneous purchases. AHT has invested time developing the design of the freezer, to ensure that the RIO will create extra sales for you. Our models will not leave anyone cold!

Minimal installation expense

The plug-in design of the RIO ice-cream chest means there is almost zero installation expense. Furthermore, the RIO is designed to operate with very little maintenance, which minimises service costs. This significant cost reduction will have a positive impact on the whole on your annual operating expenditure.