Attractive chilling and freezing appliance

The panoramic view of the inside, the stylish design and all sorts of feature details make PARIS an elegant freezer/refrigerator which will have a positive impact on your sales figures, and can be grouped in sales-boosting rows, blocks or as freezer aisles with outward-facing appliances on both sides.

A sales-boosting stage for your products

With its visual merchandising concept, PARIS will substantially increase your sales power in the freezer/refrigerator segment – a product area that generally makes up 30 to 40% of a supermarket’s turnover. Opt for AHT’s professional technology and extensive expertise to make maximum use of this cash cow and remain competitive.

Cost reduction through energy efficiency

Traditional integrated systems put a strain on your energy balance – place your trust in plug-in ‘Plug&Chill’ systems from AHT, whose closed and maintenance-free refrigeration circuits not only ensure flexible use but also excellent durability and long usage. The extra bonus: the new electronically Speed-controlled compressor, which offers an additional 25% energy saving.