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Manitowoc Ice IDT0420A 22" Indigo NXT™ Full Cube Ice Machine Head - 470 lb/24 hr, Air Cooled, 115v


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    Manitowoc Ice IDT0420A Specifications

Manitowoc Ice IDT0500A/D570 Description

The Manitowoc Ice IDT0500A/D570 Indigo NXT™ ice maker with bin has a DuraTech™ exterior coating that resists corrosion and diminishes the appearance of stains and fingerprints. The bin is foam insulated and latches open to help staff fill buckets. A polyurethane liner provides an easy-to-clean bin surface, while the head’s removable parts facilitate cleanup. Additionally, several components in the head feature built-in AlphaSan® protection, which reduces bacteria growth between cleanings.

To keep the machine running properly, the Manitowoc Ice IDT0500A/D570 ice machine with bin provides preventative maintenance alerts. In ideal conditions, the unit produces 532 pounds of ice per day; however, if less ice is needed, operators can set daily production quotas or program off-hours. The easyTouch® display offers straightforward navigation, with icons marking its various functions. For consistency, an ice-sensing probe checks each cube, ensuring that they measure 78 inch on every side. Because these dice cubes are bigger than half-dice, flake, or nugget ice, they melt more slowly and water down drinks less.

Ice Maker Details

  • Part of the Indigo NXT series
  • 532-lb. daily ice production
  • 400-lb. AHRI-certified daily ice production
  • Time- or volume-based ice production levels
  • User-friendly easyTouch screen controls
  • Makes dice ice
  • Dice ice cube size: 78 in. x 78 in. x 78 in.
  • Proper ice thickness is ensured by an acoustical probe
  • Removable foodzone parts facilitate frequent cleanings
  • Antimicrobial agent combats bacteria growth
  • 24-hr. self-monitoring system provides diagnostics and preventative maintenance alerts
  • External DuraTech coating hides fingerprints and smudges
  • Air-cooled condenser ensures quick installation
  • R410A refrigerant
  • 3,800 average BTU; 6,000 peak BTU

Product Features

399-cnf0201a idt0500ad570 Features

Ice Bin Details

  • 532-lb. application ice storage capacity
  • 17.9-cu-ft. AHRI-certified ice storage capacity
  • Scoop has retaining lip and can hold 5.3 lbs. of ice
  • Scoop guards over the knuckle and thumb prevent hands from touching ice
  • Holder keeps scoop handle out of the ice for cleanliness
  • Door features latches to provide room for scooping
  • Built-in grips enable the door to be opened from the sides
  • Door insulation slows down melting
  • Polyurethane liner resists scratching
  • DuraTech exterior resists staining and corroding

Ideal Operating Conditions

  • Clearances: 12 in. on sides and top, 5 in. on rear
  • Ambient air temperature: 40-110 degrees F
  • Incoming water pressure: 20-80 PSI
  • Water temperature: 40-90 degrees F

Dimensions & Utilities

  • Bin: 30 in. W x 34 in. D x 50 in. H
  • Ice maker: 30 in. W x 24 in. D x 21.5 in. H
  • 11.5 A, 5.25 kW
  • 115 V/60 Hz/1 ph

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IDT-0500A Ice Maker: Indigo NXT™ Series Ice Maker, cube-style, air-cooled, self-contained condenser, 30"W x 24"D x 21-1/2"H, production capacity up to 520 lb/24 hours at 70°/50° (400 lb AHRI certified at 90°/70°), DuraTech™ exterior, regular dice size cubes, R410A refrigerant, NSF, cULus, CE, ENERGY STAR®, 115v/60/1ph; D-570 Ice Bin: Ice Bin, 30"W x 34"D x 50"H, with side-hinged front-opening door, side grips, AHRI certified 532 lb ice storage capacity (17.9 cu. ft.), for top-mounted ice maker, Duratech exterior, NSF